Jiřetín pod Bukovou – Museum of Wooden Toys Manufacture – production excursion

If you like meeting and discovering new things, you shouldn’t miss an opportunity to visit DETOA factory and learn the secrets of wooden toys manufacture. The interactive excursion will lead you through the production of over one hundred years of tradition. You will see historical machines, period toys and contemporary manufacture. Museum and production tours are available only with a guide. Captivating presentation will introduce you to specific manufacturing technologies on machines from the period 1920 – 1960. You will see individual production centres, from preparation of material, drying, turning on a lathe, drilling and colouring to product completion. You will learn many interesting facts related to the production process and the long history of our factory. In addition to inner experiences you can also carry home a real memory in the form of various products that are available at our company store. If you present your admission ticket from the excursion, you will be given a discount for parts bought for creative workshops, where you can create a toy according to your own imagination.

  •   Distance: 23 km